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Eric Marcina PhotographerThe latest social media craze continues to have an increasing influence on not only the wedding industry, but how everyday consumers get information. I have made it my mission to spread the word about a growing team of talented photographers and videographers who not only love what they do but strive to be the absolute best in the business. On a constant quest for that one perfect photo or that one perfect video is not only my mission but the mission of the entire group I work with.

As both a photographer and videographer in the wedding industry I have always tried to keep the brides and grooms needs in perspective. Using techniques from both photography and film making I have developed a style that captures emotion not only one frame at a time but througout the entire event experience. There is never a moment during a wedding when I don't see an opportunity to get amazing video or photos. You'll never catch myself or any member of the team I work with not shooting. No moment is missed and every moment is captured with care and consideration.


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